Sunday, February 26, 2006


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It is a melancholy thing to me. To start out so gentle and kind... to develop into a "raw nerve"... hostile to everyone and everything. Sad. To have such a good mind, but not know that it was good; and no one else knew it was good. Well if we didn't know it was good, hey, it must be less than good.

I am the guy who sat at the back of the class, so the teacher wouldn't call on him. You know, the tounge-tied guy who just got by. When it came to graduation, I made just the number of credits needed to get out of high school.

Girl friends? Hah! Me? Come on, give me a break.

Things began to change. The most beautiful girl in our AFRES squadron; damn was she beautiful. I in my fumbling, bumbling way asked her to stay the night at my parents vacation home in the mountains above the air force base. Come on now, check me out, what bad intentions could the "guy at the back of the class" have? Besides...... MY PARENTS WERE THERE. But I learned, I grew. My best friend.. very high class guy... very sophisticated, had a Christmas party. He invited all the Beverly Hills crowd. He even invited me, "and a date". Yah, like for reals.. me with a date. What a joke... what high comedy... when yours truly shows up with the best looking date at the ball. Hah.

Things changed, yes indeed. The loser from the back of the class went to junior college. Just kept on getting C's and D's though. Even went on "academic probation". Hah! Give it up man, you are the guy from the back of the class. Last semester: I found philosophy. I majored in Philosophy. I got A's and an occasional B. I never looked back. The guy from the back of the class, the tounge-tied guy, now has masters degrees, YES degreeSSSSSSSSSSSSS in Counseling and Social Work.

Is all well in the garden? Nah. I'm still the guy from the back of the class.